Krrish 3 total box office collection prediction

Today we are discussing about Krrish 3 total box office collection prediction as it is one of the most awaited action movie of the year 2013.Official Teaser of Krrish 3 was one of the biggest hit in term of viewers on YouTube not only in India but other countries too. Official Teaser and motion picture of Krrish 3 was sufficient to create curiosity among Bollywood freaks and make them to know more about the movie. So, this made us to share some details about total box office collection prediction of Krrish 3.

 Krrish 3 total box office collection prediction

So let us start talking analyzing Krrish 3 total box office collection till now, as this movie is the sequel of Rakesh Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya(2003) and Krrish(2006) released earlier in which Hritik Roshan Played super hero type of role. There are lot of stunts performed by Hritik in this movie that are not that much easy for common man like he did in Krrish(2006).Movie continues the story of earlier part of the movie in which he is a man with super natural powers but don’t reveals it to others.

  • Director-Rakesh Roshan
  • Producer-Rakesh Roshan
  • ScreenPlay- Rakesh Roshan, Honey Irani, Robin Bhatt
  • Story- Rakesh Roshan
  • Music-Rajesh Roshan
  • Release Date-November 1,2013
  • Budget-160 crore INR

The movie was scheduled to be release on November 4, 2013 but now its release will be done on November 1, 2013.Earlier movie was supposed to launch in 3D but it will be launch in 2D format only as there no time to convert Krrish 3 in 3D.Movie ranks second in terms of Budget in which is 160 crore INR as it is 2nd highest budget movie in Bollywood till date.

If we talk about the story of Krrish 3 then it continues the story of Rohit Mehra and his super hero son who got super natural powers like his father had as, he was friend with an Alien. This is the third installment of the Krrish series as all of the previous parts got huge box office collection and were super hit of their time.

Now it is time to tell you Krrish 3 total box office collection till now which is given below-

Buissness                                             Collection(cr)

Friday                                                   30

Saturday                                               32

Sunday                                                  41

First Weekend                                     103

First week                                          206

Total collection in india                   211

Total Overseas Collection               301

Facts behind success of Krrish 3 at box office

  • Krrish can attract people of any age.
  • Other sequels were block buster at box office.
  • Scheduled to release near Diwali festival.
  • Trailer was great hit and created curiosity among people.
  • Krrish is the only movie based super hero in Bollywood.
  • Large scale promotion of Krrish 3 was done.

So, what is your opinion aboutKrrish 3 total box office collection prediction?are you satisfied from above article about total box office collection prediction of Krrish 3?Share this with your friends and rate this movie through comments.

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  1. Yes you are right …Hrithik is nice …

  2. Mrittunjay sharma

    yes …krrish will break all record in bollywood history…

  3. hritik will break all world record in film history


  5. NICE ARTICLE….lets hope hrithik breaks all box office records….KRRISH 3 ROCKS

  6. Krissh 3 will be a bumper hit .. we know that .. :D but i wish record remains with chennai express .. ;) coz i m a bigger fan of SRK . HR you are amazing , I have the tickets of the first day …

  7. You are wrong ,
    Friday collection will be nearly about 50 cr…nearly about all tickets books :)

  8. Boring trailer.. Even boring songs and d ever crying teary eyed hrithik. Doubt it wil be hit

  9. Boring trailer and even boring songs… Girly hrithik cranky as always.. Doubt it wil b a hit

  10. it should break all Bollywood’s movie records…. go on hritik….

  11. If any body want to see a good film should see krrish 3 cause such film comes only ones . Children should see .

  12. Defnitly krissh 3 will break the records but there is one thing Salman is coming with jai ho than he will break all records


  14. Krrish 3 boxofficeindia com real report – weekend of around 48-49 crore nett for its Hindi version. The Tamil and Telugu version grossed another 4.50 crore nett approx.

  15. pabitra kumar Raul

    This is the world record movie.No one can imagine.

  16. It will break all khan movie records…..

  17. Awesome movie! it will be a bigger hit

  18. hritik;;;;; u r my super hero and have been since my class can break all d records yet going on

  19. graphics sucks in this movie…. yucks …

  20. All khans hero is evening sun and rhitik is morning sun

  21. krissh 3 will be the highest grosser of bollywood…….

  22. It is very nice movie I like it so thanks to hrutik roshan and roshan family

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